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Teaching Yoga for Refugees, 28-29 April 2018


This is an informal experience sharing workshop for those wishing to teach yoga to refugees.

This past year, our focus at Tools for Inner Peace has increasingly been on refugee yoga. It has been wonderful to observe the growing interest and the development of a community of yoga teachers and psychotherapists who are excited about this work. Some have already participated in our first experience sharing weekend in the UK in May 2017, some joined a two-day seminar on teaching yoga for PTSD in Grempoli, Italy, in July 2016 or August 2017, and others have expressed interest in working with refugees.

As a follow-up to our May 2017 experience sharing weekend, participants requested that we organise a similar retreat once a year for members of this growing community. The next such weekend will take place at the Patanjali Yoga Centre near Battle (about 1 1/2 hours south-east of London) on the weekend of 28-29 April 2018. We hope that you might be able to join us.

The aim of the 28-29 April weekend is to continue developing our understanding and sharing experiences about teaching yoga practices in a manner appropriate to refugees and other survivors of war trauma. It will be an informal weekend, with practical asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation sessions, as well as facilitated group discussions on topics, such as the following:

What is special about teaching refugees and others suffering from trauma?
How yoga helps recovery from trauma.
Connecting with the body, freeing up the breath and releasing tensions.
The importance of deep relaxation in letting go of trauma.
Mind management.

As part of the weekend, there will also be karma yoga (including preparing meals together), and a Mahamrityunjaya havan. The contribution for the weekend is £60 to cover simple accommodation and meals. We will be starting at 9.30am on Saturday 28 April and concluding by 5pm on Sunday 29 April. Those who would like to arrive on the evening of Friday 27 April are welcome to do so at an additional cost of £20.

We have limited spaces at the Patanjali Centre – so let me know soon if you would like to attend.

Location: Patanjali Yoga Centre, near Battle
Date and time: from 9.30am on Saturday 28 April to 5pm on Sunday 29 April
Cost: £60 to cover simple accommodation and meals

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