Tools for Inner Peace promotes the mental and emotional wellbeing of people at the frontlines. We offer tools from yoga, alongside psychotherapy methods, to build resilience – as well as to alleviate suffering in the aftermath of traumatic experiences.

Restorative retreats for peacemakers

Journalists, aid workers and diplomats who serve in conflict zones often witness traumatic events in the course of their work, experiencing stress, burnout or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our retreats are designed to prepare professionals for work at the frontlines, to help manage stress, build resilience and unwind after assignments. Offered as week-long full-immersion residential retreats.

Healing the wounds of war

Whole societies in Afghanistan, Colombia, Syria and elsewhere have been traumatised by war. A new generation is growing up that has never known peace. We aim to introduce the tools of yoga to civilian victims of war, including refugees and asylum seekers, through training yoga teachers in the therapeutic use of yoga to address trauma and suffering, and by organizing summer camps for children from war-torn societies.