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Yoga with Impact podcast

In a podcast with Danielle Begg, founder of The Yoga Impact Charity, Mantramala (Minna Jarvenpaa) tells a bit of her own story and how Tools for Inner Peace was born. They also talk about how yoga touches people from diverse backgrounds, how Tools for Inner Peace navigates cultural and religious boundaries, and share ideas about making change in the world. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Yoga With Impact is a podcast interviewing experts sharing yoga and healing practices in diverse communities.

Yoga With Impact Ep 2 – Sue-Anne Hunter Yoga With Impact

In Episode 2, The Yoga Impact Charity's Co-Founder Danielle Begg is joined by Sue-Anne Hunter, a proud Wurundjeri Woman working to support cultural healing in the Aboriginal community. Sue-Anne has worked in the Aboriginal child & family welfare sector for 18 years. She's experienced in a range of therapeutic interventions and brings a cultural lens to her therapeutic work with the Aboriginal community.Topics covered in this episode include:- The importance of connection to country- The complexity of intergenerational trauma- The value of deep listening and connection to culture- Advice for anyone seeking to have positive impact in the world at the momentYou can experience Sue-Anne's connection to country meditation at: connection to country meditation Cultural Consultancy:https://www.sueannehunter.comMusic Credit: Datta by Solonhttp://www.solonmusic.comSupport the show ( the Show.
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