Restorative Retreats

Tools for Inner Peace has arranged retreats for interested groups at Grempoli in Italy. Many frontline workers witness traumatic events in the course of their work. We brave dislocation and push our own mental frontiers to try to make sense of the world, to bear witness, to alleviate suffering. Our work is often based on compassion and the ideal of supporting peace, yet we ourselves are affected – and as a result experience stress and burnout.

These retreats offer tools from yoga for managing stress and anxiety and maintaining inner balance. The key is deep relaxation – learning to regulate the nervous system and integrate any tensions or past traumas held in the body. This is achieved through a gentle and systematic yoga practice, combining asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga nidra (relaxation) and meditation.

“Since the retreat I have done the yoga practices every day, ending with yoga nidra. I feel so many changes. One really important one is that my breath has become much deeper in daily life. Yoga nidra is helping my nervous system become calmer and calmer. I want to say thank you to all of you for the great journey. After the retreat I have felt much richer.”
– Simone Back

“I spent an unforgettable week of reflection and recovery last summer on a Tools for Inner Peace retreat. I was fairly sceptical of the practice of meditation and had almost no experience of yoga. It was a transformative experience; I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is looking for a moment of peace and reflection in their busy life.”
– Thomas Legge

Nestled in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, Grempoli is a place of learning, contemplation and sustainable living. Past retreat participants have found this a good setting to leave behind their busy lives and experience stillness in a peaceful, natural environment.

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