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Swami Pragyamurti Hope Project

Tools for Inner Peace has launched the Swami Pragyamurti Hope project to bring yoga and healing to street youth in Freetown, Sierra Leone (West Africa). With this work we hope to keep alive Swami Pragyamurti’s legacy. We have a match fund campaign running from 28th November to 5th December, and would love your help.  The Project The intention of this project is to: The Swami Pragyamurti Hope Project will use the manual she developed for teaching in prisons – theYoga Manual for Prisoners and Other Castaways – as a basis. We will train a group of 8-10 yoga teachers in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to share the practices and sequences from her manual. These yoga teachers will then teach her sequences in prisons and to hundreds of homeless street youth – including drug addicts, gang members and prostitutes – in the slums and ghettos of Freetown. On the Ground The aim of our yoga outreach work is to help generate new healthy habits and improve mental and physical health in prisons and marginalised communities. Many of