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Triple the Impact

Help Spread Yoga to Lebanon’s Disadvantaged Communities

Tools for Inner Peace has reached a milestone in Lebanon. We have gone from one roving yoga teacher with a translator to a team that includes three Arabic speaking trainers. Our amazing trainers – Zena, Sandy and Cara – are now seeking support to put three more aspiring yogis from the younger generation firmly onto the transformative path of yoga and community service.

The plan is to offer three scholarships for a year-long training with three residential immersions at the Satyananda Yoga Academy in Europe. In return, scholarship recipients commit to offering their time and skills to communities in need inside Lebanon. The minimum requirement is two hours of weekly service throughout the year during which the scholarship is being offered.

This initiative comes at a time when people all around Lebanon are coming together across sectarian lines, with an awareness of the needs of disadvantaged communities:

“Today, the entire nation is gearing up for change. Everyone is called upon to define their role and do their part. As yoga teachers dedicated to community work, our part is consistent and clear. Help us give underprivileged members of our society the chance to uplift themselves. Studying yoga empowers you with the skills and tools to lead a healthier and more balanced life and, the real beauty of it all is that, the deeper you delve into the subject, the more energy, compassion and wisdom you have over the long run to take better care of yourself and of those around you.”

Read the rest of the appeal by Zena, Sandy and Cara and help us spread yoga in Lebanon’s disadvantaged communities by donating through TotalGiving.

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